Goal of this website:

show small swords in photo's.

The photos can be found by use off the menu on the right site.

When known the origin, age and type of the sword is indicated.  This is based on what I have found on internet, auction sites or books (see links). It might not be 100% correct at all times. (That is not the goal of the website.)  Still I hope it can be used to determine small swords in the future and that the site can give an overview of the small swords between approximately 1750 up to 21st century.







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Speciality : French small swords from 1800-1940


I like the French small swords because of the, sometimes outrageous, designs. Certainly the early ones, full of mythological themes and symbols. 


Why should there be a website about small swords?

Now the small swords aren't in use any more for defence or attack we don't have to judge them as arms.  What they represent nowadays is the craftsmanship, beautiful design and use of symbols of the era they are made in.  Lots of them were made to impress and show off rank and/or status. Although the passing time left his marks on most of them, they remained beautifully made and detailed.  You just have to take the time to see it.